The Big Ideas for our 09-10 Season Artists today are reflecting our crazy world back to us trying to capture our attention, make us think, force us to care. We searched the world and scoured the Bay Area for artists with something to say and then we listened to them. When we sat back and thought about all the artists and programs we were considering for the upcoming season, we began to see some common themes running through the works. We talked. We thought. We debated. Out of these conversations we culled three Big Ideas that seem to be top of mind for artists today. Curating around these Big Ideas allows us to draw connections and associations between the works and the art forms. We hope it will help you do the same. An expanded series of public programs this season are designed to get us talking about art and ideas get us thinking about the world today and about what these artists are trying to tell us. The Big Ideas this season are: - Bridging the Gap - Heroes and Heroics - Under the Influence


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