Third Tuesday of the month: October 2010 to April 2011, 6-7 pm Be a part of the art or just watch the fun unfold. Mash Flob is your chance to collaborate with professional artists to create wildly infectious, participatory "happenings." For BYOR (Bring Your Own Radio), artist Jon Brumit...

This collection of videos introduces the theme of play in art.  These videos introduce viewers to: a participatory happening called a Mash Flob, orchestrated by artist Jon Brumit; an interpretation of a painting featuring a boy blowing soap bubbles; a painting depicting game playing and cheating; and the work of Brian McCutcheon, which features humor and nonsense.

Grade Level: 

All Grades

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National Visual Standards: 

K-4th Grade Content Standards 5; 5th-8th Grade Content Standards 5; 9th-12th Grade Content Standards 5